The Earthstar Glass Portfolio is divided into four general segments: Fused, Painted, Formed and Glass Installations. Information and/or inspirations about the artwork accompany the sections.

Fused Glass Under the broad heading of 'fused glass' you will find various types and expressions in glass which involve the joining of glass through time, temperature and gravity.

Painted Glass
There are as many styles of glass painting as there are styles for painting on paper or canvas. Painted glass can be used as window artwork, in kiln-formed glass, in wall art or in vessels.  The addition of fired paint to stock sheet glass changes the stock glass to a unique glass.

Formed Glass
Kiln forming glass calls on time, temperature and gravity to modify the shape of the glass. The heated transformation of the seemingly solid glass relaxing and conforming into a shape and form is the function of kiln-forming.

Glass Installations
I feel honored with each commission for a custom glass installation.  My goal is to create a piece of glass artwork that meets the client's feeling and inspiration.  The work may be done by my hand but it originates from their heart.