The creative challenge in this section concerns making expressive lines. I love the way charcoal and/or conte crayon appear on paper, the question was how to create a similar look and feel on glass. As with most of my series I also wanted to express stories.

The “Of the Moment” series expresses the temporary element of life, that is, the moment of conscious remembrance. Each moment of life is a full story, yet we only remember snippets at best. The majority of our lives is composed of memories and yet our memories are incomplete, the nature and look of the almost tentative line of charcoal was the preference for these stories.

Underglaze pencil, from the potter’s bench, was the solution.

Representing the Goddess image on glass using a pen and ink technique along with the blending quality of the underglaze pencil allows for the expression of hard and soft edges on a fusing surface. The choice of mold helps to infer the narrative within a defined area.

"Who looks outside dreams.  Who looks inside awakens." —Carl Jung

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